We offer ghostwriting, book proposal development, developmental editing, and book coaching services for agents, editors, and the authors they represent. With over 50 exclusive ghosts in our back pocket, and access to hundreds more, we work to find the best right fit in personality, budget, and passion-  understanding that it is as much about writing style as it is about chemistry

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A ghostwriter’s primary responsibility is to effectively communicate the author’s content while also capturing the author’s voice and style. We work to pair authors with the best writers, based on writing style, familiarity with content, personality, and budget. Finding the right fit is critical—and we work with you to match the necessary skills with the right personality as well.


Proposal writing is a collaborative process that starts with analysis of the core idea for a book from a market and audience perspective. Writers works with an author to clarify the market demand helping to present and package it with the greatest consumer appeal. We then work with you to create a strong structure and outline for the content, and produce an industry standard proposal that can be used by an agent to secure a traditional publishing deal.


Often, an author already has words on the page, but needs assistance in taking fragments, sourced material, or short-form content all the way through to a long-form project. We help guide and supplement the project to see it to its completion, while also providing the author a colleague in the writing process.


Sometimes an author has a great idea, a phenomenal story, and a strong writing voice, but they need a dedicated guide to further their creative gift to help them realize their writing goals. We match the right writing coach to the author for the best experience.

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