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I work with executives and organizations to bring their ideas to life. I write, edit, storyboard, and strategize to produce compelling and relevant content. By working with a thought partner, you can ensure your blog, book, website, or article is well researched, well said, and well understood. 

Partnering on content is a very personal and collaborative process. We will engage in conversations, interviews, and individual recordings to develop stories from your expertise and experience.
I thrive on digging in with curious questions to get the most out of your perspective. Regardless of industry or niche, I believe in accessible writing and clear language. As a ghostwriter, my goal is to create content that feels and sounds like you. Whether it’s for an internal audience at work or a main stage audience, I help connect dots, identify meaningful points, and make you memorable. 


Work Like a Boss: A Kick-in-the-pants Guide to Finding (and Using) Your Power at Work; Parks; Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process; Setting your Table Wright: A guide to the tablecloths of Russel Wright & other Mid-twentieth century modern designers; Harry Bertoia: Material and Form; Case Study House #21