Erin Odom


Erin Odom is an enthusiastic ghostwriter who is passionate about bringing to life the stories of extraordinary people. Erin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Gardner-Webb University. She double majored in journalism and Spanish and minored in English. While at Gardner-Webb, Erin worked as a writing coach and later as the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. In addition to other honors and awards, the university’s faculty and staff named her The Most Outstanding Female Graduate of 2003. This is highest honor the university bestows. After graduating, Erin’s career included newspaper writing, teaching—both internationally and domestically—and working as a communications specialist for a non-profit advocacy agency for Latino immigrants.


After becoming a mother, Erin transitioned to freelance work. She spent several years writing for newspapers, and she has also published articles in several magazines. In 2011, Erin began her blog, which eventually grew into a six-figure online business. Erin has published two books with Zondervan—her memoir, More Than Just Making It—and a gift book, You Can Stay Home With Your Kids.


Creative non-fiction is Erin’s favorite genre, and she especially enjoys incorporating elements of fiction, such as dialog and vivid scene setting, into non-fiction writing. She believes that every book should be a page-turner, and her goal is to never write anything boring. She enjoys writing memoirs and non-fiction books that highlight stories of people who beat incredible odds to achieve success.

More Than Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated 

Erin Odom

Zondervan 2017

I wrote this book as a part memoir and part how-to on how my family went from barely surviving to thriving on a low income during and after the Great Recession. 

You Can Stay Home With Your Kids: 100 Tricks, Tips, and Ways to Make It Work

Erin Odom

Zondervan 2018

I wrote this book as a gift book for mothers who want to stay home with their children. It includes ideas for saving and making money without leaving home.

Dating Yourself

Sarah Keller

I ghostwrote a memoir for a professional who desired to document her journey from self-hatred to self-love, which led her to the love of her life. I incorporated elements of fiction to make the story both inspirational and highly entertaining. 


Patrick Colletti 


I assisted two other authors in ghostwriting several chapters of this business memoir. 

Awake and Alive to Truth 

John Cooper 

Primedia eLaunch

I assisted with writing footnotes for this book.