Charis Dietz is a writer and editor in Waco, a spunky mid-size Texas town that won her heart in grad school. After earning two journalism degrees from Baylor University, Dietz spent ten years in the nonprofit sector, using her pen to advocate for vulnerable children and families across the country. In the years since, a love of soulful storytelling has drawn Dietz across industry lines and back again, working with publishers including Harper Collins, Hachette, and Penguin Random House. On the magazine front, she served as senior editor for Magnolia Journal, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ home and lifestyle publication. And today—in between catching bugs and lizards for her nature-loving toddler, Hope—you’ll find Dietz waist-deep in a diverse array of writing and editing projects, from book chapters on social justice to collections of personal essays. Dietz is a contributing author to a host of Baylor University publications, including Baylor Magazine and Synergy Magazine, and a regular contributor to Procter and Gamble’s caregiving blog Care Rebel.